Buying An Electric Golf Cart

Is Buying An Electric Golf Cart Really A Propitious Idea?

A clean and green environment is something which is always desirable. To keep mother Earth pollution free, people around the World are putting their best efforts. They now prefer battery operated car over the gasoline one. So as to cut down the cost and keeping the nature green, the golfers are also opting electric versions of golf carts too. These carts are small battery operated vehicle, designed to fit two golfers along with their clubs and kit. They can carry the golfers around the golf course and can even move on deserts.

So, you are planning to own one such battery operated cart; then this information might help you to make the correct decision.



The electric golf carts are small vehicles and are generally 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. The height of the cart is only 6 feet. These battery-operated or so-called electric golf carts can weigh around 900 pounds. At times, some variants can also weigh up to 1000 pounds.


All variants of these carts can be considered as slow moving vehicles as their highest speed can go up to a maximum level of 15 mph. That means the cart will be able to cover only 24 kilometers in one hour. Commonly, all these types of electric carts are of 4 stroke engine.


The small golf cart was first properly used in Texas. In Los Angeles, these golf carts were mainly utilized for ferrying senior citizens to the grocery shops. By mid-1950, golf carts became pretty familiar with a wide group of people and several manufacturing companies started producing different variants of these carts. Some of the leading manufacturing companies which are now producing such golf carts are-

  • E-Z Go
  • Cushman
  • Club Cars
  • Yamaha
  • Columbia Golf Carts
  • Cruise Cars Inc.
  • Bradshaw Electric Vehicles
  • Green Power
  • Hitachi
  • Citi ECar Golf Carts

Advantages Of Electric Golf Carts

  1. Day by day a number of people are found purchasing electric golf carts in comparison to the gasoline one. The main reason behind this is that these carts are very cheap and inexpensive. The NEV and EV conversions are considered as low-cost Even, the expenses per miles can be measured in pennies.
  2. The maintenance of these electric cartsis very low. All you need to do is to plug your cart and go to sleep. Your car batteries will be charged up again to support your next day’s journey.
  3. Moreover, these carts create no pollution, thus, keeping the air fresh and non-toxic. For this reason, they are also known as Zero Emission Vehicle.
  4. They provide soundless operation and smooth acceleration.


  1. These carts need to be charged regularly.
  2. The water level of the batteries need be maintained on regular basis.

If you consider the above discussion properly, you will definitely find that buying an electric golf cart is really a good and eco-friendly idea for all.

Electric Golf Cart

The Thing To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Electric Golf Cart!

Golf carts are something that each and every one of us has come across. This vehicle can come in two ways. These ideas are as follows; it might be battery operated one, or it might be a gas operated one. Both of these types have its individual pros and cons. One of the best advantages of an electric golf cart is. It produces tiny noise. Secondly, it does not produce and harmful chemicals, and thirdly it is a lot less expensive to buy. Thus, if you ever buy an electric golf cart, you should go for the electric one. Take a look at these few precautions which you must take before you make the final decision of buy an electric golf cart.

Try And Do Some Research First

Being a consumer, your first job is to do some research on the thing you are going to buy. Without any prior knowledge or information about a product who should not make the decision of purchasing it. Thus, always be cautious at first. The primary reason being, you might end up spending more money then you should be on the particular golf cart.

Consider The Voltage Of The Golf Cart You Are Going To Buy

One of the common mistakes consumers does before they make a purchase is that, they do not consider the voltage of the electric golf cart they are about to buy. It is imperative because it is going to determine how fast and how well a golf cart is going to perform. You will notice that most of the golf carts have voltage about 36 or 48 volts

h3 style=”text-align: justify;”>Take A Close Look At The Batteries

This is the second mistake that buyers do before they make the purchase. You need to take into consideration the present state of the customer and what kind of batteries it is. This can make a huge difference in the performance of the golf cart. You will need a powerful battery to run this vehicle. The primary reason being, a powerful one is a long lasting one, and also it will make your car run for a longer time.

Try And Do Comparison Shopping

One of the most crucial ways of doing shopping is through comparison shopping. This is the best and an ideal way of shopping. Thus, if you go into a shop and like a particular model, then do not make the mistake of buying that particular one. It is best if you can compare with other models and make an informed decision.

Buy From A Reputed Retailer

Make it a point that you do not purchase the electric from any retailer. He must be a reputable one, and also his products must be a hundred percent reliable. Thus, buying an electric golf cart from any retailer can cause several problems. You need to be sure so that you end up with a high-quality cart that fulfills all your needs and requirements. Other than this, the most crucial factor is that you test drive the golf cart before you make the decision of buying.